Wildlife sightings 8 February 2018

Notes from the Discovery Centre team – Mal

Well, Fidra is filling up with fulmars, which are providing an easy food source for two peregrines that have their nesting sight there. On the Isle of May we have had lots of older seal pups come to visit. Our best count was 16. Guillemots have been seen on Isle of May and Fidra very early. Craigleith has common gulls, fulmars and a few cormorants. Dunbar camera is back on and there have been a fair few eiders swimming around the harbour. The Camera on the Bass is still pointing at the sky looking for that very first gannet.

To keep up-to-date with the webcam action, click HERE.


One thought on “Wildlife sightings 8 February 2018

  1. A few gannets seen off dunbar flying north a few days ago.
    Kingfisher regularly fishing in rock pools outside cromwell harbour, dunbar.
    A few pairs fulmar on castle cliff, dunbar.
    No kittiwakes yet.
    100+ eiders seen displaying in Dunbar harbour early morning and also outside harbour last week.
    Shags in position on pinnacles and islands at Dunbar.

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